Boomers Blowin' Smoke
December 8, 2012

rollingajoint.jpgIf this article on HuffPo is to be believed, we Boomers should probably not be smoking pot. First of all, it actually is stronger than in our day--about 10% THC, compared to 2-3% in the 60's.

Also, our aging bodies may have a bunch of ailments, for which pot is not a benefit, such as high blood pressure and cardiac issues. As our medicine chests fill with pills for this and that, pot may also be contraindicated with other medications. Apparently that hasn't stopped us: marijuana use in adults has been increasing steadily.

Who can blame us? Ravaged retirement benefits, unemployment, aging symptoms, life in general--sometimes we just need a little recreational relief. Of course, pot also has proven benefits in cancer treatment and other illnesses.

Are you still toking? Or lighting up again after a few decades of responsible adulthood?


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