Take a Hike, Find Joy

November 24, 2012

Wondering what to do with new-found time? You don't have to be an Appalachian Trail through-hiker to experience the American Discovery Trail. The 6800 miles of cross-country trail is designed to allow hiking, biking or horseback riding for small chunks of time, linking up to small town, parks, cities and wilderness areas.

One Boomer couple did 5,000 miles over a year, with the simple cause of Kindness. describes the many acts of kindness they experienced on their journey.

There were --quoted here as saying:
"Baby boomers form a new demographic for those experiencing financial difficulties," writes Sinclair. "Many baby boomers have lost their jobs to a younger work force and can no longer find comparable employment...Tap into your passion. Maybe you won't regain the same level of economic success, but you just might stumble on the key to happiness...or kindness."


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