Boomers and Technology
October 23, 2007

Next time some Gen-Xer or your children roll their eyes at how out-of-date we old folks are, you might point them to this article on Yes kiddies--we did pretty much invent the technology that you claim so proudly as your own. And if the kids' multi-tasking, limited attention span kicks in and they can't bother to actually read the article, try this quote on them:

The boomers themselves can take credit for shaping the course of this technology if not the entire direction of the digital revolution. Gates is among a cadre of industry pioneers now in their 50s. But several decades ago they were tech-savvy kids who seized the moment when their elders had no clue...In the 1960s and early 1970s, many in the counterculture absolutely loathed computers and everything about them. They were seen as part of the Defense Department's War Machine, and also associated with depersonalization of a mass society.

But boomer math nerds, who figured out how to finagle computer time, didn't care...the idea arose that computers could empower people.


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